Thursday, January 10, 2013

X2 mtDNA of the Canadian Ojibwe(a) and Israeli Druze(b)

Haplogroup X descends from the N Haplogroup, which dates to approximately 65,000 years ago. The origin of haplogroup X dates to approximately 30,000 years. "Originally found in Europe and thought to be only distributed regionally, the finding of haplogroup X in the Americas startled the human population genetics community." -FTDNA

Recently, it has been discovered that there are two major sub-lineages within haplogroup X, being X1 and X2. This blog will discuss the origins of the X2a Haplogroup which appears predominantly in both North American Ojibwe and Israeli Druze.

Josephte Sai-sai-go-no-Kwe Delamorandiere. "Woman of the falling snow" 1783-1868 confirmed mtDNA Haplogroup X2a Ojibwe, Kilarney Ontario, Canada

Since these 2 distinct areas, the Great Lakes Region of Canada and the Sea of Galilee in Northern Israel are linked via maternal DNA,....

So then, did X mtDNA originate in the Near East (ie: Israel) or did it originate much earlier in the area of Lake Superior in Canada ?

It is likely that the Ojibwe people, the Anishinabe are actually the ancient ancestors to those living in Israel 21,000 years ago.

Galilean Druze and Miss Israel contestant Angelina Duah Fares

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